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51uac5k9csl._sx331_bo1204203200_Prism World

Published: 2013
Genre: Retro Fantasy

Available: Amazon
E-book: $1.99
Paperback: $15.00

There are rumors spread across the country, whispers about a secret society of assassins known as the Phantom Legion. Moving only in the deepest shadows and under the darkest nights, the Phantoms are the people’s living nightmare, the ghostly right hand of an oppressive government.

Lightning was born and raised a Phantom. Confined to a dark room and released only to do her masters’ bidding, it wasn’t until she saw daylight for the first time that her mind woke from its dark sleep and she began to realize that there was another world beyond concrete walls and moonless nights.

When a series of events leads the naive Lightning to join an underground rebel force, the young Phantom finds that she must face the demons of her past. With fear, doubt, and angry masters haunting her every step, Lightning sets out on a quest to discover the source behind a strange power dwelling within her, learning to believe in a greater cause as she searches for what it means to be human in a world with many points of view.


“I enjoyed this book to the very end. There were very few slow moments. I’m not a huge fan of first person books but the author did this well. I felt that sometimes the emotions running through Lightning’s head were a little too detailed and didn’t let the read read between the lines. This is just opinion though! I have a tendency to get bored of books pretty easily, but this story kept me turning pages. For this being one of the first published books by the author, very well done!” – Devin G. (Dec. 2015)

“I heard about Prism World from a friend and just had to give it a read. The story follows the life of a young woman by the name of Lightning. Unlike most young women Lightning is what her society calls a Phantom, which are assassins bred and raised by the government. Her life is spent in complete darkness. She’s never allowed any freedom except to kill her next target. However that all changes on one assignment. She meets a rebel named Leif. Her conversation with him sparks a roller coaster ride like you’ve never read before. Lightning proves to be a remarkable person that has to change her entire perspective on life and death, while at the same time learning to adjust in what is basically a whole new world once she leaves the darkness. I absolutely loved this novel. I found myself enjoying seeing the world thru Lightning’s eyes. When she was happy so was I. When she felt sadness and despair I was right along with her. By the end of the book I found myself crying. Throughout all the pain at the loss of loved ones, the new friendships, finding family, and demolishing the hated government I was so sad to see the novel come to an end. I really hope Ms. Gilleland continues to expand upon the Prism World universe, because I would love to find out more about each of the Phantoms, and even hope to see Lightning return as a side character.” – Rochelle White (Dec. 2014)

 2nd edition book cover frontThe Four Stars

Published: 2015
Genre: Medieval Fantasy

Available: Amazon
E-book: $3.99
Paperback: $20.00

For years the four friends – Razi, Rayne, Eryn, and Gavin – have lived in relative peace in the little valley they call home, only vaguely aware of the goings-on of the world beyond their sheltered haven. There are whispers, though…rumors that the young friends are more than just mere orphans.

When the Gauls, the age-old enemy of Livania, launch a surprise attack in the mountains, the four friends are unexpectedly called to warn their elvin allies, only to discover that nothing is as it appears to be.

In a matter of days, Razi, Rayne, Eryn, and Gavin find themselves swept up in a whirlwind of change, haunted by the mysteries and legends of the past and driven toward an ancient power that has already lured many to their doom.


“This book is tells the story of true bonds of friendship. The types of bonds, that literally draw you into the story. Four very different people that must stop an invasion that threatens their home and work together with powers they didn’t know they had. While the story may be aimed at a “younger audience” I think most people of any age can not only appreciate the story but fall in love with the characters and care about what happens to them. The author weaves together a great adventure story in a fantasy world that leaves you not only caught up in the story but laughing at the authors skill with humor.” – Amazon Customer (Dec. 2015)

“Wonderful book of the close ties and loyalty of four friends in a fantasy world. They are called upon to help prevent an invasion and discover that they have special powers that allow them to work together to resist the invading army. In the middle of this is their search for what happened to their fathers, who disappeared years before. Great story with lots of humor and action. Probably directed at a younger audience.” – Glen Robinson (Sep. 2015)