Well, this is definitely something new. I’ve never done a blog before, but here it goes! Being a relatively new author (considering I’ve only ever actually published one online article), I thought I might get some more writing practice in. So, on top of beginning this blog, I entered the Angels & Demons Poetry Competition put out by Holland Park Press.

The theme is “Relationships”, with a focus on family members. The poem I submitted is called “Angel in Blue Jeans”, something I wrote in honor of my beloved grandfather. Here’s a copy of it. Hope you enjoy!

Angel In Blue Jeans

In this world you will see
God’s many angels He gave you and me
But of all my angels, to me it seems
I have a favorite
The one in blue jeans
Grandpa taught me to care
He taught me to farm
He taught me to lean on God’s everlasting arm
He taught me about nature
And the small bird that sings
He taught me so much
My angel in blue jeans
And some day I wish to find
An angel of that special kind
Who will teach me, and love me
I pray God brings
An angel just like
My one in blue jeans.


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