Stone Shadows Prologue

Inspired in part by a dream I had last night and partially by learning about the Georgia Guidestones, this is the prologue to a new story I’ve been playing around with. Enjoy!


The distant grumbling of thunder rolled across an open meadow. Its growled warnings and the hiss of a storm-laden wind were the only sounds to break the silence that hung as heavy as the black storm clouds in the night sky. Only a vague sliver of moonlight managed to break through the roiling wall of clouds, dousing a lone figure with as much of its pale light as it could manage.

The figure, a young woman of no more than 25, stood motionless in front of a towering monolith. Four enormous granite slabs stuck out into the shadowy field, another large piece centered between them and one sitting on top for stability. The young woman glared at the black shape, the only thing darker than the storm that was quickly surrounding her. The monolith sat erect, as though mocking her, mocking the pain in her eyes. They were simply called “The Guidestones”.

“Guidestones,” the woman muttered under her breath with something of a rueful laugh. “They’ll take you straight to hell.”

A bolt of lightning struck through the ebony sky. It was followed shortly by another one. Soon the lightning strikes were dancing around her. The wind tossed about in wild fury, with no particular direction to mark its destination.

Quietly the woman turned toward the oncoming storm. Though the wind had no one place to go, the storm did. As though to make itself seem even more ferocious, the writhing black clouds swallowed up what little of the moon had before been visible. The woman stared into its inky blackness, her eyes hard, challenging. But it was not the thunderstorm that she challenged; it was a storm that lay beyond it. It had begun with the Guidestones. Where it ended, however, she couldn’t say. And yet, despite that, there was one thing she could say: she would fight it to the bitter end.

With that, she set out, away from the rising monolith and the writhing storm. The beginning of her troubles lay behind her, but they would always remain somewhere in the depths of her heart: stone shadows in the depths of her soul.


I’m working on an outline for the rest of the story. Hope you enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Stone Shadows Prologue

  1. Interesting. I will have to look up what Georgia Guidestones are now. lol. The premise is intriguing and I am interested to see where you are going with it. 🙂 I can’t wait to see more.

  2. I really like this! I’m going to look up Georgia Guidestones now! Hahaha! No doubt this story will expand. Thank you for sharing; I can’t wait to read what happens next!

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