I Prayed for You

I have just been informed that I won 2nd place in a poetry contest I entered a while back. Thought I’d share the poem with you.

I Prayed for You

A young girl kneels
By her bed to pray.
She closes her eyes,
Don’t know what to say.
But then her mouth opens;
She begins to speak;
Her words oh so softly,
Her words oh so meek.

“I don’t know them, Lord,
But I know you do.
There’s somebody out there
Who, right now, needs You.
So I’m closing my eyes,
Kneeling down to pray,
That you’ll touch the heart
Of that stranger today.”

Many years later
At a meeting in town
People give their testimonies;
In commotion they drown.
But then one young man
Gets up to speak,
And the words the girl hears
Make her sit up in her seat.

He tells of a time
When he didn’t know God;
When he felt just like dying
‘Cause he felt he was odd.
But just when he thought
He had come to the end,
He felt that someone
Still cared about him.
And after the meeting
The girl went up to him.
She looked in his eyes,
And she told him right then.

“On that very night
When you wanted to die
I couldn’t seem to pray,
And I didn’t know why.
So I prayed for a stranger;
It was all I could do.
But now I know why
I was praying for you.”

Many years later,
Past the wide streets of gold,
Came this young man and young woman,
Their Lord to behold.
He reached out his hands;
There were nail piercings there.
Light shone all about Him
And danced everywhere.
The girl then asked Him
About that time back then,
When she prayed for a stranger
Who became her friend.
And tenderly He spoke
In reply to this pair;
He held them so close
And then told them right there:

“On that very night
When I cried tears of red,
I begged for another way
But chose Calvary instead.
Because on that very night
When I chose what to do,
Before you were born,
I was praying for you.”


3 thoughts on “I Prayed for You

  1. Now that I’ve finally got a chance to read this, I want to say that this is a very, very well thought out–well written–poem. You have so much talent, I can’t wait to see what awaits you in the later future. Thank you for sharing this lovely and touching poem!

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