Dragon Wolf Prologue

For those who know me well, it will not surprise you that I am posting the prologue to yet another story. For those who do not know me so well, let me put it this way: I invent more than I finish.

This prologue is from my work called Dragon Wolf, and unlike most of the stories I come up with, I think this one will go somewhere. As of currently it is “in the running” to take the place of the sequel to my trilogy, Ancient Vengeance, which I finished writing a few months ago.

The story behind Dragon Wolf is this: A thousand years ago, in the kingdom of Aralia, a princess by the name of Rena broke a magical law in her land, transforming her into a creature that could shape-shift between the form of a white dragon and a white wolf. Doomed to be controlled by whoever has possession of the princess’s necklace, known as the Blood Amulet, the Dragon Wolf destroys most of her kingdom before a courageous nobleman, Lord Altair Rothschild, seals her away in the Tomb of Enchantments, meant to end magical tyranny for all time.

Now, a thousand years later, the descendant of Lord Rothschild, Kanessa, releases the Dragon Wolf, intending to bring retribution upon those who have hurt her. However, when the Dragon Wolf discovers that Kanessa does not have the Blood Amulet, she leaves Kanessa for her true master: a young slave called Kale.

Together, Kale and the Dragon Wolf, whom the young slave calls Sky, set out intending to live a life of relative peace until the Dragon Wolf’s past begins to rear its ugly head and reveal a tangled web of love, rebellion, and magic that no history book has ever recorded.

I’ve been playing around with some artistic ideas as well, so if you’re interested in seeing some computer-colored sketches of Sky, just click here and here. I haven’t drawn very many pictures of wolves or dragons before, so sketches for this story have been a bit of a learning process, but I hope you enjoy the pictures and prologue anyway.



Screams echoed in a distant darkness. Flickering flames consumed a tempestuous sky and buildings, once tall and noble, lay ruinous under them. Visions of a white dragon flashed like lightning above them. The cry of a baby could be heard, faint in the surrounding chaos. Then came a shout of, “For God’s sake, Rena, would you just listen to me?!”

Who was that yelling? The voice sounded so familiar, yet so strange. The image of a crest appeared through the haze of the smoke. It was in the shape of a square tipped up on one corner. Two swords criss-crossed its center and a blooming rose sat in the middle. All of a sudden the fire licked up around the image. A great roar blasted through the night, shattering the crest, its pieces flying outward like shards of broken glass.


Instantly Kale shot up into a sitting position. Sweat poured down his face and neck, as though he had been standing over a roaring furnace for several hours. His breath came in short, quick gasps.

Wide-eyed, he glanced around at his surroundings. All was quiet. The other people around him were sound asleep. The sky was clear, a million stars shining peacefully over the open field. There was no fire, no ruined buildings, no white dragon and no shattered crest.

Trembling, he wiped sweat from his face. What was that? Possibly a nightmare, but it seemed so real. Slowly he laid back down on the ragged blanket that served as his bed, visions of fire and white dragons still flashing through his mind.


2 thoughts on “Dragon Wolf Prologue

  1. Awe! It totally just cuts off — I was very much sad about that! This is really good, like many of your works. I like your wolf drawings too (with the little dragon in the moon).

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