With finals this week, I look around at my friends and colleagues and notice that everyone is stressing one idea: success. It’s something everyone wants to achieve. I, for certain, have always felt pressure to achieve success. As a writer, my dream is to, some day, have my work professionally published.

I am the periodicals worker for my school’s library, and often I run across interesting articles and quotes. This morning, while checking in the newest issue of Vital Speeches of the Day I came across a quote that reminded me of the struggle for success that everyone around me, including myself, faces. It is a quote by Winston Churchill that reads:

“Success is nothing more than going from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm.”

It is true. Many famous authors were turned down multiple times before they got their work published. Mark Twain is a perfect example. Einstein and Thomas Edison were not the most desired students in school either. But look at what all they accomplished. For those of you who have the same problem that I do, a fear of failure, just keep this quote in mind. We may fail once or twice or twenty times. But our enthusiasm to keep trying may, in the end, be what we need to succeed.


5 thoughts on “Success

  1. I like how you’ve been posting a lot recently. I haven’t been able to because finals are just eating up my time. Also, thank you for posting this blogpost. I needed to hear it!

    1. I’ve had a lot more inspiration lately. I know finals have been giving you a lot of stress. In particular, I had you and Aurora in mind when I posted this. I’m glad it helped you!

  2. That’s probably the most important lesson I have learned about writing. As Winston Churchill said: “Never, never, never give up.” In my experience, the successful writer is not necessarily the most talented. It is the most determined.

  3. Success is something that I think is ingrained into us to seek in America. Although, reading about bad civil war generals has helped get out of that line of thinking too. Thanks.

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