So, a lot of very frustrating things have happened lately. In response, I have written another poem.


We all have met some people
Who make mole-hills into more,
And try to find a rampart
In a closed and scratched-up door;
Who carry ’round a checklist,
As if the whole world could be placed
In charts and little diagrams:
Orderly, ruled, and spaced.
They assume they understand it all,
The meaning that isn’t there,
And ridicule the content;
All I can do is stare.
Do you really assume that what you think
Can be applied, even to me?
That what you have experienced
Is all a soul can see?
Remember that not everything
Can be labeled on a shelf.
So don’t assume you know it all,
And keep your prejudice to yourself.


Ahh…I feel better now. Have a good day, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Assumption

  1. Interesting. I like the flow of the poem. I understand your frustration Lyn, but it will get better. I look forward to the comments I will be receiving in only a short time. But remember, things will get better!

  2. I understand what you’re saying Lyn. Don’t worry though. Take the good those people can offer and recognize the rest as their opinions that don’t have to affect you. I love how you can make everything flow together so well. It’s an amazing gift.

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