The Summer Storm – A Sonnet

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I am enrolled in a poetry class this semester. My most recent assignment in this class is to write a sonnet. Now, I had several types to choose from, but like most people I chose to write a Shakespearean sonnet. It’s the easiest kind.

There are several different elements in my sonnet, drawn from various things I have experienced and read within the past month, including a reference to Greek mythology thanks to the stories (namely, the Odyssey) I have been reading in my World Masterpieces class. The topic itself, however, was inspired by the rainstorm we had on Friday, an incredible blessing for drought-worn Texas. So, I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a sonnet.


The Summer Storm

In dark and lofty clouds, it strikes on high,
A beating tune like drums upon the moor.
It dances, fierce, across the eastern sky
And, pulsing, brands the land not scorched before.

A rippling gale, it sweeps the barren field,
The four that were an ancient trav’ler’s bane,
When twisting round the cow’ring warrior’s sheild
It rends the man who once had hoped to gain.

In torrents poured like God’s celestial falls,
The rhythmic hum of life now drench the earth.
In whisp’ring peace, to calm the rage, it calls
To cleanse the air and chase away the dearth.

The answered prayer of man now comes to form
And brings about the lovely summer storm.


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