The Cat’s Bath

The injustice...

For those of you who own an indoor cat, this picture might look vaguely familiar. At the very least, it hit home for me.

Another poetry assignment has been bestowed upon me this week. This time it is the “structured free verse poem”, or so I understood it to be. Inspired by the above picture, this poem is dedicated to the sorrow of my poor feline companions who occasionally find themselves to be a bit too dirty for their human counterparts to live with. Be sure to pay special attention to the third line of each stanza, then listen to the first part of the video posted below.


The Cat’s Bath

The dripping water from the faucet
Stirs the dark tidings in the cat’s heart:

His mournful pleas go unheeded
As he is plunged into the dark streams of

Pinned like a victim of boiling tortures past,
His dignity swept away, his cries filled with

He rails against the injustice,
Daggers bared, thirsty for vengeance
on me.



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