Thanksgiving Pumpkin

Pumpkins are good for something...

For those of you who own cats, you may have found that they are notorious for finding the oddest places to fall asleep. Be it the bar stool in the kitchen or the shopping bag discarded next to the trashcan, our favorite little furry friends seem to be able to sleep anywhere and everywhere. It was this thought that I had in mind when I went to my weekly writing club meeting. Our challenge this time was to write a poem using the following words: thanksgiving, dinner, family, chaos, and pumpkins. Thus, we have my newest poem.


Thanksgiving Pumpkin

‘Twas a cool autumn breeze
That stirred the winter hay
As the family gathered ’round
On a bright Thanksgiving day.

Chaos was the master
As the dinner was prepared,
With all the cooks a bustling
Over food for which they cared.

Tempers were on edge now
In a kitchen quite too full,
When Grandma felt a gentle touch.
At her skirt, she felt a pull.

There stood her darling grandson,
A smile upon his face.
He whispered to her a secret
As he led her off a pace.

“Grandma,” said the boy,
“Come see what I have found.”
He led her to some pumpkins
Abandoned on the ground.

The pumpkin rinds were empty,
Or so they were supposed to be.
They were carved out but just yesterday.
Grandma laughed at what she did see.

For there nestled within a pumpkin
Was a bundle of grey and white fur.
From discarded rinds, yet not forgotten,
Came a distinct, contented purr.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Pumpkin

  1. I love this! I can see it in my heart and it reminds me of my own precious little ones, both two-legged and furry. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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