The Four Stars – Now Available!

2nd edition book cover frontNOW AVAILABLE!

The Four Stars by Lyn Gilleland

Book 1 of The Star Trilogy

Print: $20.00 on

Digital: $3.99 for Amazon Kindle

“For years the four friends – Razi, Rayne, Eryn, and Gavin – have lived in relative peace in the little valley they call home, only vaguely aware of the goings-on of the world beyond their sheltered haven. There are whispers, though…rumors that the young friends are more than just mere orphans. When the Gauls, the age-old enemy of Livania, launch a surprise attack in the mountains, the four friends are unexpectedly called to warn their elvin allies, only to discover that nothing is as it appears to be. In a matter of days, Razi, Rayne, Eryn, and Gavin find themselves swept up in a whirlwind of change, haunted by the mysteries and legends of the past and driven toward an ancient power that has already lured many to their doom.”


Aaaaannnddd, I’m done! Welcome to the official release announcement for my “newest” book, The Four Stars. It’s been a long time in coming, but it’s finally done. Please welcome the crazy, quirky group of young heroes – Razi, Rayne, Eryn, and Gavin – and all of their cohorts as they embark on an adventure of mystery, magic, danger, and self-discovery. I hope that they entertain all of their readers as much as they have entertained their author.

Keep an eye out for announcements for a Goodreads giveaway in October or November. I’ve already got 5 giveaway copies in the works.

As for my next project, I haven’t officially decided on that one yet. NaNoWriMo is waiting just around the corner, though, so be prepared for a deluge of ideas as I gear up for my next adventure. And in the meantime, happy reading!


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