Concept: “Write Like You’re Already Famous”

Currently listening to “Still” by AbeMao.

Life has been a roller coaster ride for me for years, but it seems like since leaving college I have been in a series of dizzying spirals, especially when it comes to my writing. (If any of you have ridden Goliath at the San Antonio Six Flags location, you know exactly what I’m talking about).

It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since my last entry here on my blog, and I cannot apologize enough to my readers for that. But hopefully that’s about to change.

This fall I started two new endeavors:

  1. Grad School: I’m doing a Masters in Library Science (hopefully with a focus on either archives, academic, or research libraries).
  2. Freelance writing: I have never had much confidence in my writing abilities, but so far I’ve had no trouble with approvals on the projects I’ve done. More on that later, though.

For a while now I’ve been feeling a stagnation in my writing (I think I’ve written about that before, actually), but today, while working on an assignment for class, I noticed that I had a notification from Twitter. Now, I am, as most people know by now, woefully bad about keeping up with social media, but since getting a smartphone a year ago, the notification system has helped some with that. (Yay, technology!). The notification was telling me that several of the people I followed (a large portion of the people I follow on Twitter are writers like myself) had shared a post about a book called “Write Like You’re Already Famous.” The post contained an image with a quote on it that really struck me.

write like you're already famousView the post here:

I’ve noticed that somewhere in the grand scope of self-publishing, the doubts and stresses of life have slowly crept in. I had considered freelance writing in the past, but doubted that I could ever write anything worth paying for. (Which is silly, I suppose, since I have been paid for articles I’ve written in the past). And somehow that fear of failure has slowly transitioned into my personal writing as well. I believe most people call it “writer’s anxiety.”

This Twitter post, however, struck me. It suggests that in order to become a more successful writer, one should start by writing a 300-word blog post every day. For me, 300 words is not much (actually, I’ve already exceeded the 300-word goal with my rambling today). I don’t know why I never thought to try this before, but I’d say it’s worth a shot as a way of getting myself back into my writing, which I have missed a great deal.

So with that being said, I suppose I should get back to my homework, but I aim to be around here more from now on. To those of you who may be facing the same struggles as myself, I hope this little suggestion will encourage you as much as it has me. And maybe some day soon I’ll be able to do a review of the book as well. For now, best wishes to readers and writers alike. Cheers!


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