Side Projects

While I usually only have one serious project that I work on at any given time, I still often have multiple side-projects that I like to work on when I am uninspired to work on my main project. This page contains a selection of some of my current side projects and story ideas.

Note: All images are used as inspiration and all rights to them belong to their respective owners.


black widow necklace

Black Widow
Crown Prince Soren always knew that his grandfather was whimsical, but when the king remarries only a week after the death of Soren’s grandmother, the young prince begins to suspect that something isn’t right.

Queen Lilith is a kind woman, hardly the sort one would suspect to be devious, but little happenings around the palace have put Soren on the alert. First, it’s the death of the king. Now, strange, shady men have been added to government posts. The old staff one by one resign or are sentenced for various crimes. And as time goes by, Soren begins to feel Lilith’s eye on him. As the kingdom’s rule begins to shift into the hands of the widowed queen, rumors begin to stir about a growing force and a secret menace known only as Black Widow.


silhouetted horseman

The Ranger Prince
Sequel to “Black Widow”

The whole world believes that Prince Soren is dead, and with his death and the death of Queen Lilith, the country is thrown into chaos.

But Soren isn’t dead, nor is he ready to leave his country as it is. Assuming the name of Tory Flynn, Prince Soren sinks into the shadows to search for the secret society known as The Silencers. Teaming up with Halvor Riverman, a ranger from the north, and his spirited daughter, Roslyn, Soren begins to adjust to the life of a commoner. But even this cannot last forever. As The Silencers’ growing power begins to threaten both Soren’s throne and his family, the young prince must team up with old friends and old enemies alike in order to save his people and take his place as the true king of Pellagria.


bloody sword


General Han Oakfield thought he’d live his days brokering treaties and training for a war that would never come until one day when word begins to spread that whole villages are burning to the ground, attacked by raiders in the night. There is a tip that the village of Sweetwater will be next and the general rushes to get there in time, only to find the village already in flames. Only one survivor remains: a young 16-year-old girl called Fi. With no other options, General Han takes Fi along as he and his men chase after the destructive raiders. However, when Fi saves the general’s life, she reveals herself to be none other than one of the Yokaiva, known to most as Bloodlusters. With seeds of distrust so deep between humans and the Yokaiva, General Han must decide whether to risk trying to kill the girl or to ask for her help in putting an end to the chaos that has seized the kingdom.


war of gods

Heaven’s War
Sequel to “Bloodlust”

It has been four years since General Han Oakfield and his Bloodluster aid Fi managed to defeat a powerful rogue force known as the King’s Sword. Now, after all this time, the King’s Sword has risen up again, and this time there is no doubt as to what they are: they are Yokaiva, commonly known as Bloodlusters. The old tactics won’t work, and now General Han must once again pick up his sword and lead an army against this magical race. Though seeds of distrust still run rampant, the general manages to convince the king to hire Fi on as a mercenary. She is assigned a small group of soldiers and sent through a dangerous mountain path to the north. Though at first terrified of her, the soldiers quickly learn that Fi has chosen a different path. Aided by the protector god Caleron through the demi-goddess Jayra, the group infiltrates the north where they all must face the Bloodluster Ryn and his army of magical warriors. It doesn’t take long, however, for them to realize that this is a conflict far beyond them: it is a war of gods.


shadow figure

Voice of Shadows
Book 1 of the Legend of the Stars Series

Several generations of elves and humans have been born since the creation of the first beings in Altha. The elves have split off into varying skill sets and become, in essence, their own beings. Ainor warns his creation not to go near a forbidden valley, the place where Fahr, Ainor’s enemy, has taken up residence, but when Aelfgar’s wife, Tamea, disobeys Ainor’s command and visits the forbidden valley, all hell breaks loose. She meets Fahr, who slyly convinces her that he has been sorely used and mistreated by Ainor, and Tamea brings word of Fahr to the rest of her people. More people begin to visit Fahr, and before long he is even brought into the city, against the will of both Leafen, the first elf, and Aelfgar, who is troubled by his wife’s behavior. Before long, a war breaks loose, and everything the beings held dear is shattered and stripped away from them in the treachery of their own kin.


swampy ruins

Fall of Paradise
Part of the Legend of the Stars Series

It used to be a paradise. Separated into four kingdoms controlled by the four main races – elves, humans, dwarves, and fairies – Erris was a place of relative peace and extraordinary beauty. Yes, it was a paradise…until that day.

When the Royal Clan of elves get their hands on an ancient and evil power, the inhabitants of Erris find their lives shattered and swallowed in darkness in a matter of moments. Led by Shah, the sharp-minded Royal Clan prince, it would seem that no hope is left for the people of Erris.

But not all hope is lost. Guided by a power all together different from the one the Royal Clan now wields, strangers and friends alike must team up to fight against unspeakable odds. Led by such people as Sylva, the wandering huntress; Ayelen, a palace guard from the elvin kingdom; Shanti, the magic-wielding healer; and Saxon and Lira, the husband-and-wife, scholar-warrior team, the forces of Erris must face their fears and the monsters that now roam their land, putting their faith and finding their strength in the hands of a being they have never seen: the creator god Ainor.



They were slaves and they were heroes. Bound to their masters by life itself, cursed to live and die along with the first hand to touch their own, the Sentinels were once hailed as an impenetrable shield for the noblemen they served. Until one day, when the Sentinels and the kingdom fell to the hand of the usurper king, Taman Grevah. And it would have remained that way, too, if not for the dark ships on the far horizon.

The waters of the Shezen Ocean are teeming with life, though not the sort that the surrounding nations are happy about. The black banners of pirates and cutthroats flutter like clouds along the horizon, daring navies and merchants alike to traverse their waters. And one of the most notorious pirate groups in the region just so happens to be the most unusual as well.

The Blood Bane and the Shadow Gate, captained by the notorious brother/sister duo Rikki and Ryder Kurhg, elicit both fear and awe from those who catch a glimpse of them. Their targets: ships belonging to the Tonyarian usurper king, Taman Grevah. Their goal: adventure and wealth. Their creed: never harm those who will not harm you.

Adventure and independence are Rikki’s lifeblood, and more than once her risky antics have landed her in dangerous situations. When one such expedition goes awry, Rikki finds herself spared by the hand of a generous young nobleman. When that young nobleman is revealed to be not only the exiled prince of Tonyar but none other than Rikki’s Sentinel master, however, the seas of change never seemed so tumultuous.




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